Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board, consisting of five members including a Chairman, is responsible for supervising the Director as well as the policies and management of the foundation.

The Supervisory Board also keeps an eye on the course of events within the foundation and related institutions and provides the Director with counsel.

In fulfilling their tasks, the members of the Supervisory Board act in the interest of the foundation and related institutions.

The Supervisory Board consists of:

  • Silvio M. Janga (chairman of the supervisory board)
  • Antonius A. Kamperveen (member of supervisory board)
  • Flavio F. Faneyte (member of supervisory board)
  • Elias J.F. Kock (member of supervisory board)
  • Hillegonda de Meza (Assistant to the board)


The foundation has one Director. The Director carries the responsibility of managing the foundation.

The foundation is also represented by its Director, with due observance of the fact that for certain actions approval is required from the Supervisory Board and/or the Minister responsible for Sports.

The Director: Roland S. Tuitt

Fiscal Year 2019

Gross Sales

Afl. 46 Million


Afl. 23 Million


Afl. 5 Million

Debt Service

Afl. 2 Million

Good Cause

Afl. 4.5 Million


Afl. 1 Million

Our Partner

Canadian Bank Note Aruba (“CBNA”) a subsidiary of Canadian Bank Note Company (“CBN”).