About Us

Stichting Sportsubsidie was incorporated in 2016 with the purpose of making funds available to sports federations that are members of Aruba Sport Unie and/or Comite Olimpico Arubano to support target group oriented sports initiatives that are based on the policies of the foundation.
Before it’s incorporation, between 2012-2016, the organization served the same purpose since 2012 as: Sportsubsidiecommissie.


  • Febiar
  • Lifida
  • Aruba Bowling Association
  • Aruba Domino Bond
  • Scherm Amateur Bond Aruba
  • Little League Softball Aruba
  • Arubaanse Schietbond
  • Aruba Taekwondo Association
  • Amateur Baseball Bond
  • Aruba Amateur Weightlifting Association
  • Arubaanse Zwembond
  • Aruba Cricket Association
  • Aruba Triathlon Association
  • Aruba Karate Bond
  • Federacion Gymnastico Arubano
  • Special Olympics
  • Aruba Boxing Association
  • Aruba Table Tennis
  • Aruba Hapkido Association
  • Aruba Little League Baseball
  • Club di Dam Arowak (Dammen)
  • Schaak Vereniging Aruba
  • Aruba Judo Bond
  • Aruba Softball Bond
  • Aruba Sailing Association
  • Capoeira Nova Visao Aruba
  • Arubaanse Voetbal Bond
  • Arubaanse Badminton Bond
  • Aruba Bodybuilding Association
  • Aruba Volleyball Association
  • Aruba Bodyboarding Association
  • Aruba Basketball Bond
  • Aruba Atletiek Bond
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing Aruba
  • Aruba Lawn Tennis Bond
  • Kendo Vereniging Aruba
  • Organisacion Caballista Arubano
  • Aruba Wieler Bond
  • Functional Fitness Federation Aruba
  • Aruba Pickleball Association
  • Aruba Paralympic Committee
  • Aruba Tang Soo Do Federacion
  • Shinkyokushin Karate
* The above mentioned federations qualify for funding, assuming that they comply with the SSA requirements.

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Stichting Sportsubsidie Aruba
Address: Avenida Milio J Croes 34
Tel: (297) 582-5154